Forniphilia/Other Services

Forniphilia or human furniture is a rare kink but still one I love so if you would like to turn me into a lovely piece of furniture to enjoy, sit on or rest your feet on why not give me call.

If you like face sitting I also enjoy this as anyone who's seen my naughty Nina site will already know but my rule is anyone wanting to sit on my face must wear female underwear or clothes to do so which I can provide.

I can also face sit you of course.

Not found what you're looking for?

If after looking through my list of kinky services you still can't find what you're after it doesn't mean I don't offer it so please call and ask.

Things I don't offer include:

giving oral or giving/receiving anal sex
Scat play or most Water sports
(although happy to wet my own panties for you to play with me in or for face stting)

Receiving CBT or nipple torture